Summer Small Groups

Join a Summer Small Group Today!

Starting July 1st, we will gather at various times and locations each week to simply enjoy the sunshine and get to know one another. There is something for everyone and we hope that this summer is a time of fun and connection at I-90!

Potluck in the park 

Let the kids run, share food and stories, and enjoy the evening together.

Leaders: Dave & Rachael Urban/Nathan & Sonja Hunt 
When: Wednesdays - 6:30-8pm 
Where: Snoqualmie Ridge (Azalea Park & Hunt Home) 
Length: 6 weeks 
Who: Open to all

Volunteering in Local Food Banks

Serving multiple food banks and/or suppliers in our area. Joining together in community to be a practical help to those in need!

Leaders: Griffin Campbell
When: Varying days of the week (come to any or all!) 
Where: Varying locations
Length: 6 weeks 
Who: Adults of all ages (with some potentially open to children too)

Various Summer Outings 

BBQs, Mariners games, beach days, etc. We want to make the most of our summer and have fun together!

Leaders: Danielle King/Danae & Hans Hoefer
When: Thursdays or Saturdays
Where: Varies
Length: 6 weeks
Who: Young Adults

Ladies Beach Days 

Bring your snacks or lunch and enjoy the sun together!
Leaders: Erin Strobel & Danielle King
When: Wednesdays - 10am-12pm
Where: Lake Sammamish State Park
Length: 6 weeks 
Who: Ladies of all ages (children welcome as well)

Moms & Kids Hiking

Enjoy the trails and scenery of our area while getting to know other moms/kids in our community! 

Leaders: Brooke Walters & Cheryl Gilbert 
When: Wednesdays - 10am
Where: Varying locations (geared towards kiddos who can walk 3+ miles) 
Length: 4 weeks 
Who: Moms and children of any age 

Men’s Mountain Biking

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we hope to hit up multiple local trails and have fun riding!

Leaders: Ryan Gilbert & Jeff Walters
When: Wednesdays - 6:45-9 pm (or dark) 
Where: Meet outside youth center  
Length: 6 weeks 
Who: Guys of all ages