The Jesus Way


It's certainly no news flash to say relationships are hard. Even when all parties have the best of intentions, it's so easy to be hurt and offended by others (and vice versa). We misunderstand and are misunderstood. We say things that hurt others and we are told things that hurt us. We hold grudges and grudges are held against us. It's just part of the human condition.


The good news, though, is that this is a subject near and dear to God's heart because He created us for relationship and therefore cares deeply about the state of our relationships. In fact much of Jesus' teaching when he walked the earth centered around how we treat each other, handle conflict, and have God's heart when it comes to the mess of living in connection with others.


There's No Hope Without It

Week 1: JuLy 8th, 2018

When it comes to the mess and pain of relationships, there's one thing Jesus said we must learn to do every time and in every situation. Any hope for the health of both the relationship and our own heart always depends on it.

Take Care of It Now

Week 2: July 15th, 2018

When it comes to being hurt by others, it's never a matter of "if" but rather "when." Whether it be from a flippant comment, slanderous conversation or flat out abusive action, we all experience varying degrees of offense in life. It's how we respond to them that will determine the effect they have on our spiritual, emotional and relational health. 

As Far as it Depends on You

Week 3: JuLy 22nd, 2018

Not only does Jesus have a very bold challenge for us when it comes to dealing with those we've been hurt by, he has an equally bold challenge when it comes to dealing with those we've hurt. And apparently there's more at stake than just the other person when we choose not to handle it the Jesus way.

Sober Judgment

Week 4: July 29th, 2018

There's much Jesus taught about living at peace with others. But perhaps the most important instruction he gave us on the topic is what he taught us about being at peace with with ourselves.