Our Story



Our Story…

In the fall of 2009 my wife Rachael and I, along with a small group of friends, started I-90 Community Church.

The dream was simple – create a church family along the I-90 corridor that welcomed everyone – no matter who they are or where they come from – to come and explore an authentic, life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ in the context of a grace-filled, come-as-you-are community.

Though we’re certainly not perfect in facilitating that process, God has been faithful to meet us with His grace and love every step of the way. As a result, many lives (including my own) have been transformed for His glory.

For us, it’s all about knowing Jesus, sharing His love with one another, and bringing His message of grace and love to a world that desperately needs it. We’re not part of denomination or movement, and we don’t fall into a “camp” or belong to a “tribe.” We just love Jesus and think He’s pretty much the answer to everything in life.

So if you’re looking for a community of faith where every story matters, people are real about their brokenness, and ultimately the goal is to surrender our lives to God through His Word and by the power of His Spirit, then we think this is a great place for you.

Or if you’re not sure about any of that but simply need to know you’re loved and that there’s still hope in this world, all the more reason to come and check us out (a life of faith is a journey, and we always try to take it one step at a time). I’d love to meet you and hear your story.

That more would know and become like Jesus,

Pastor Dave