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Happiness - everyone wants it, many say they don't have it. Yet Jesus said there's a path to true, lasting joy that God has made available to every single one of us.

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What was it about the very first church that made it so unique? So life changing? So attractive? What if today's church was like that first church?


Pastor Dave takes a hiatus from our normal teaching schedule and shares from his heart regarding some highly important and highly practical truths we believe God has for each of us here at I-90.


In order to best understand and embrace the "new" Jesus came to do in our lives, we must also seek to understand and embrace the "old" as well. And that starts by going back to the very beginning - the origin story of God's creation, and His plan to restore it to its original design found in Genesis chapters 1-12.


The Trinity... two little words human beings have used for hundreds of years to try and understand the mystery of how God has revealed Himself to mankind. Yet is it really all that important to understand this aspect of God's nature? If we want faith to be more than just something we believe but rather have it impact every aspect of who we are, then the answer to that question is most definitely yes. 

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Go: A Journey Through the Book of Jonah

As people pursuing Jesus we should probably ask the question what is our responsibility in spreading the message of Jesus. But what holds us back from sharing our faith and inviting others to church? We believe God put the story of Jonah in the Bible to help us answer those questions.

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Intimacy with God

Our faith often compels us to "do" a lot in response to what God has done for us, as it should. But the greatest aim of knowing God is just that - knowing God. Which is why a life of faith is really a discovery of what it means to experience the grandest part of Christianity that's offered to us - to grow daily in an actual relationship with the God of the universe. 


There are all kinds of beliefs and practices related to church and the Christian life that we either do without really thinking about the "why" behind them or choose not to do at all because we never really knew "why" we should do it in the first place. Yet understanding the "why" is often the motivation we need for actually doing something we don't necessarily have to do, or perhaps finally doing it in a way that actually makes a difference in our lives and the lives of others.


Joy to the World

Long before there was ever a baby in a manger, it was prophesied that Jesus would come into the world to fulfill four unique roles in the lives of those would put their trust in Him. And it's in these roles that we truly experience the joy he came to give, not just on Christmas, but everyday of our lives.  

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In this message, we heard from Bob Smith, one of our Elder Team members, on how we all regularly need specific points of contact with Jesus in order to keep growing in our faith and become the people God intends us to be.

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Regardless of how long you've been in church, how much you've studied the Bible, or when your journey of faith began, there's one thing each of us has that God wants to use to help change the world.



One of the greatest yet often unrealized realities of the Christian message is that Jesus came not only to save us for eternity but also help us find victory over the stuff that steals our joy and peace while still here on earth. The key is in learning how to live in the victory Christ offers us and choose to walk it out in our everyday lives.


Although there's certainly much to be gained by showing up on Sundays and developing good theology, being a Christian was never meant to simply be about filling a seat or holding to a certain belief system. Ultimately the Christian life is meant to be one of pursuit - choosing daily to pursue God, each other and our world for the sake of Christ and the Gospel.



When you think of heaven, what comes to mind? True paradise? Strumming a harp while lounging on a cloud? The fear of death and the unknown? Whatever it is, unless it's rooted in a journey through the Bible's teaching on the subject, it's likely a very limited (and perhaps unappealing or even fear-inducing) perspective. The reality is that God's Word paints a picture of heaven that is far better than anything we could ever imagine, and if we were to embrace what God has already revealed to us about it, it would truly be something we would joyfully anticipate for the rest of our days here on earth.


The Jesus Way

It's certainly no news flash to say relationships are hard. Even when all parties have the best of intentions, it's so easy to be hurt and offended by others (and vice versa). We misunderstand and are misunderstood. We say things that hurt others and we are told things that hurt us. We hold grudges and grudges are held against us. It's just part of the human condition.

The good news, though, is that this is a subject near and dear to God's heart because He created us for relationship and therefore cares deeply about the state of our relationships. In fact much of Jesus' teaching when he walked the earth centered around how we treat each other, handle conflict, and have God's heart when it comes to the mess of living in connection with others.

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Overcoming Anxiety

We are surrounded by situations every day that cause anxiety, but what should we do about it? Join guest speaker and I-90 Elder, Dr. Bob Smith as he walks through how anxiety affects our daily lives and how to overcome it.

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Arguably the most famous and highly read correspondence ever penned in human history, Paul’s letter to the Romans provides what is perhaps the Bible’s most thorough and compelling summary of the human condition and God’s plan of redemption. Join as we journey through this life-changing book and go to new depths of understanding of the gospel message and how it applies to our lives both here on earth and for all eternity.


Serving Sunday


Above All Else

We can get our theology down pat… perfect our systems… build a big church… even go to the ends of the earth and do “great” things for God. But if we don’t learn how to love, the Bible says none of that will matter one bit.

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Why Church?

In a day and age when you can listen to any speaker or hear any worship music at any time of the day from literally the palm of your hand, why would we still choose to come to church for an hour on a Sunday morning? Even for those of us who “believe,” hasn’t, well, church become a little irrelevant… even unnecessary? It’s a good question… but there’s an even better answer.

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Silent Night

If there’s one thing the Christmas story teaches us it’s that God is always at work behind the scenes, regardless of what we are experiencing in the here and now. This December @ I-90 come and see the Christmas story through the eyes of those in human history who’d been waiting for it the longest, and discover how when things seem the most quiet and hopeless in your life, God’s best for you might just be right around the corner.


Judge Jesus

Chris Henderson, November 19th 2017



God knows everything about us, but how much do we really know about Him? God knows the wounds we carry, but are we known enough by others that they can carry those wounds with us? God knows how desperately we need to be free, but do we know the path to freedom that He offers?

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Ask It

We ask questions every day about the choices we face. But are we asking the most important question of all? The Bible tells us there’s one question that makes it easy to determine the answer to all other questions and therefore bring clarity to life’s most challenging decisions.



The Bible was never meant to be seen as a rule book, but there’s no denying it contains its fair share of them. And it all started with a list of ten that God gave to a guy named Moses on the side of a mountain. So what role are the original rules meant to play when it comes to following Jesus? And what are they really telling us we need to do, anyway? 


Wiped Out

Chris Henderson, July 16th 2017


What I Do Have, I Give You

Chris Henderson, July 9th 2017


I Never Said That

Just because you’ve heard it a thousand times or even believed it yourself doesn’t mean it’s true, especially when it comes to matters of faith. Yet many of us continually buy into spiritual urban legends and Sunday school myths that although sound good on the surface actually erode our faith and keep us from living the life God intended. Join us for our new series I Never Said That as we uncover the truth behind some of the most common yet faulty Christian clichés.

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Who Am I?

Whether the thought of it makes us smile or cringe, the reality is that our personal story – the good, bad and ugly – greatly affects who we are and who we are becoming. But if we open our hearts to the possibility that God has a purpose for our story, we can begin to embrace the identity He has for us in Him and discover how He wants to use our story to make a profound difference in the world around us.


And the Truth Will Set You Free

Simple? Marriage is anything but simple. It’s complicated, messy and, quite frankly, a lot of really hard work. And yet God tells us it’s a gift He created for our enjoyment and to help us better understand His incredible love for all people. So how do we reconcile these two realities? Well even though marriage itself is far from simple, sometimes it’s still the smallest things in our marriages that can make the biggest difference toward true health and happiness.


Let’s talk about pain and loss

Although there’s much to celebrate and rejoice in here at I-90 these days, it’s also been a tough start to 2017 as we’ve had two beloved I-90er’s pass into eternity after long fights with cancer. So we decided on Sunday to take a break from our planned teaching schedule and talk about some of the truths to both wrestle with and cling to when it comes to the reality of pain and loss.


Walk right up to him

Pastor Chris Henderson


The Spirit

The Bible tells us there’s a person of the Trinity – the three representations of God – that lives with us and in us as we choose to follow Jesus. And that person is known as the Holy Spirit.  We’re going to discover together who the Holy Spirit is, how he wants to work in our life, and what we can do to either experience or hinder the plans he has for us.



No matter how you would rate last year, wouldn't it be great if this year was different?  Truly your best year yet?  The truth is that regardless of what you're currently facing or will come to face in the months ahead, experiencing your best year yet in 2017 is absolutely, 100% possible.  But here's the catch - it will have very little to do with things going "right" this year and almost everything to do with embracing a paradigm shift God has for your life with regards to what's truly most important.  Join us on Jan 8th as we kick off the series, UNSTUCK.  



More than ever our culture pushes us to have a Christmas season that’s all about “doing” (buying, cooking, hosting, partying, etc). But what if the Christmas season – the celebration of God breaking into our world – was more of an occasion for “being” rather than “doing”? Or to put it another way, what would happen if we allowed Christmas to actually change who we are rather than dictate what we do?



Fears, we all have them. Yet unlike other emotions that are actually good and healthy for us to embrace, fear is never part of God’s plan for our lives. And therefore God always has a plan for how we can conquer them. So what’s keeping you up at night?

Point of View 

Have you ever thought about how we allow what we’re going through in life to determine the actual quality of our life? But could it be that the degree to which we experience joy, peace and healthy living (relationally, emotionally and spiritually) is in large part dependent on how we see things – i.e what our point of view is –  rather than what we’re actually going through?


Touchy Subjects

So no matter what you’re feeling about the current state of our world – scared, confused, hurt, offended, numb, or angry – the reality is nothing will get better until we talk about it.

So please join us as we begin to search for answers in the midst of the chaos, and learn together how we might respond to today’s ever-changing world with God’s unchanging truth and love.



The doubts, fears, and impulses of a man that followed Jesus.  If you’ve ever felt like you just don’t “measure up” as a Christian, then Peter is your guy. Peter was about as messy and human as you can get, yet the Bible tells us he was one of Jesus’ best friends and closest followers.  

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The Good Dad

Parenting… it changes everything. But perhaps the greatest blessing from being a mom or dad to our own children is the new perspective it can give us on God’s role as a Father to all of us.



If we believe in God we believe He’s spiritual, that part’s obvious – i.e. we know don’t get to literally see Him with our own two eyes, not on this side of heaven anyway. But what else is going on around us that we can’t see? Besides the existence of God Himself, is there more we need to be concerned about or give attention to of a spiritual nature?


Fast Forward

Whether we realize it or not, whether we accept it or not, the reality is every decision we make today has the potential to lead us down a path toward either tragedy or triumph tomorrow. It’s a principle that has been at work in people’s lives since the very beginning... and it’s at the heart of both mankind’s separation from God and His plan to bring us back.

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It's Complicated

The reality is whether we're playing the role of spouse, friend, parent, child, sibling, boss or employee (just to name a few), every relationship is complicated.  Why?  Because every relationship involves two imperfect people coming together.  The GOOD NEWS is God knows a thing or two about how relationships are supposed to work, and the Bible is filled with time-tested principles that can help us navigate life's relationship complications.


Conversations with Jesus

If you could literally sit down with Jesus and ask him any question you wanted, what would it be?  A little over 2,000 years ago some people actually had that chance, and the response they got (not to mention the questions Jesus often asked them in return) forever changed them as a result.


Odd Man Out

Whether it's because of our beliefs, background, personality, or season of life, all of us at some time or another find ourselves in a setting where we feel like the odd man out.  There's a guy in the Bible named Daniel who certainly did.  But instead of resigning himself to an undesirable, no-win situation, Daniel approached the situation as an opportunity to positively influence others and make a difference.