Team-based leadership and a high level of accountability are very important to us at I-90, which is why spiritual authority at I-90 doesn’t lie solely in the hands of the Lead Pastor but rather in a team of people we refer to as the Directional Leadership Team (DLT). 

The DLT’s purpose is to be responsible for oversight of the church’s teaching/doctrine, financial stewardship, and overall spiritual health/direction.   This includes supporting the Lead Pastor and staff, and helping make key strategic decisions for the church.

New DLT members are nominated by I-90 attendees, interviewed by a selection team, and then confirmed by the existing DLT members.

All DLT members must be committed to regular accountability around spiritual growth, margin and family life, regular Sunday morning attendance, a regular place of service in the church on Sunday mornings, leadership and/or attendance in an I-90 small group, regular tithing, and consistent attendance at DLT meetings. They must also meet the biblical requirements for local church oversight as found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.  Further, this role requires a level of personal commitment to engage 10 – 20 hours a month and serve on the team for three years.  

Want to nominate someone for the DLT?  Nominations are being accepted thru Feb 18th, 2018.  Find the nomination form HERE.


Current Directional Leadership Team Members:

Dave Urban

Dave is the Lead and Founding Pastor of I-90 Community Church, and holds a Master of Theology degree from Bakke Graduate University of Ministry in Seattle

Carl Showalter

Occupation: Retired teacher.  Other place of service @ I-90: Welcome Team

Larry Brown

Occupation: CPA and tax attorney at the Brown & Sterling Law Firm in Fall City.  Other place of service @ I-90: "Alpha" Group Leader and Welcome Team

Shawn Carnes

Occupation: Owner of “Transformations by Shawn,” a home remodel business specializing in custom tile work.  Other place of service @ I-90: Large group teacher for the elementary program