Team-based leadership and a high level of accountability are very important to us at I-90, which is why spiritual authority at I-90 doesn’t lie solely in the hands of the Lead Pastor but rather in a team of people we refer to as the Directional Leadership Team (DLT). 

The DLT’s purpose is to be responsible for oversight of the church’s teaching/doctrine, financial stewardship, and overall spiritual health/direction.   This includes supporting the Lead Pastor and staff, and helping make key strategic decisions for the church.

New DLT members are nominated by I-90 attendees, interviewed by a selection team, and then confirmed by the existing DLT members.

All DLT members must be committed to regular accountability around spiritual growth, margin and family life, regular Sunday morning attendance, a regular place of service in the church on Sunday mornings, leadership and/or attendance in an I-90 small group, regular tithing, and consistent attendance at DLT meetings. They must also meet the biblical requirements for local church oversight as found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.  Further, this role requires a level of personal commitment to engage 10 – 20 hours a month and serve on the team for three years. 


Current Directional Leadership Team Members:

Dave Urban

Dave is the Lead and Founding Pastor of I-90 Community Church, and holds a Master of Theology degree from Bakke Graduate University of Ministry in Seattle

Carl Showalter

Occupation: Retired teacher.  Other place of service @ I-90: Welcome Team

Larry Brown

Occupation: CPA and tax attorney at the Brown & Sterling Law Firm in Fall City.  Other place of service @ I-90: "Alpha" Group Leader and Welcome Team

Shawn Carnes

Occupation: Owner of “Transformations by Shawn,” a home remodel business specializing in custom tile work.  Other place of service @ I-90: Large group teacher for the elementary program