Team-based leadership and a high level of accountability are very important to us at I-90, which is why spiritual authority at I-90 doesn’t lie solely in the hands of the Lead Pastor but rather in a team of people we refer to as the Directional Leadership Team (DLT). The DLT is responsible for oversight of the church’s teaching/doctrine, financial stewardship, and overall spiritual health/direction. If you’ve been involved in other churches you may be familiar with similar teams made up of individuals often referred to as “elders,” but our DLT members don’t feel that old and asked to be called by another name…

New DLT members are selected by the existing DLT, but any of our I-90 Partners (committed I-90 participants – learn more here) can at any time offer feedback on current DLT members or make suggestions for new DLT members. All DLT members must be committed to living out I-90’s Big Six and meet the biblical requirements for local church oversight as found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

Dave Urban

Dave is the Lead and Founding Pastor of I-90 Community Church, and holds a Master of Theology degree from Bakke Graduate University of Ministry in Seattle

Carl Showalter

Occupation: Retired teacher.  Other place of service @ I-90: Welcome Team

Larry Brown

Occupation: CPA and tax attorney at the Brown & Sterling Law Firm in Fall City.  Other place of service @ I-90: "Alpha" Seasonal Group Leader and Welcome Team

Shawn Carnes

Occupation: Owner of “Transformations by Shawn,” a home remodel business specializing in custom tile work.  Other place of service @ I-90: Large group teacher for the elementary program

Monty Chellis

Occupation: Vice President at UniPro Foodservice, the largest foodservice distribution cooperative in the U.S.  Other place of service @ I-90: Welcome Team